Witold Kowalski


After 20 years of a career in corporations, I realised that my real passion is to help people in achieve success and realise their own career and personal goals. This is why I founded my consulting firm WK Profit Consulting. Thanks to my experience, I am able to easily identify the roots of the problems of my clients and help them find and implement suitable solutions which really improve their career and personal situations, as well as business results.




Director in Corporations

I know the specifics of working in corporations from the inside out. I set up and, over 20 years, led two foreign firms in Poland: Nike and Telepizza.

Mentor, Coach AND TrAINER

I am one of 500 mentors in Europe that work in the European Commission's projects as part of the Horizon 2020 programme. I trained about 500 managers of stores and six of my subordinates became directors of firms.


I have been acting as an independent consultant for over 5 years. I helped over 40 clients from Poland and abroad, from 10 different industries, in improving their business results.





Speed & flexibility

My goal is to provide the services in a way that allows the client to implement the agreed solutions independently and as soon as possible.

Comprehensive approach

I look at a client in their entirety, which covers different functions, departments, levels of management and the relationships between them.

Emphasis on client's results

Financial gains acquired by my clients thanks to my help are far greater than the cost of my services. 

Individual work

I work individually and do not hire inexperienced employees who learn the ropes at the client's expense.


Wholesale & Retail

Sport & Fashion

The maximisation of human potenial in any industry


Witold is one of most experienced GM within Nike organization. During his 12 years of managing Nike Poland business Witold accelerated business, established distribution network and most importantly developed talents within Nike Poland organization. Witold is a highly experienced mentor and coach for total Nike Poland organization and his retail management experience is at the highest level among Polish professionals.
— Krystyna Dzan
Future business (and brand) success won’t come with just strong strategic plans and smart teams. The difference will be made by inspirational leaders that have the skills to unleash the potential of their teams. Witold is such a leader and it has been a pleasure to work with him and learn from him.
— Matthijs Visch
When I think of Witek (Witold), I recall tremendous positive energy. As General Manager of Nike Poland, he had the right attitude, raw smarts, and relentless commitment to turn bold plans and visionary concepts into a successful reality.

Apart from being an accomplished professional, Witek has a big and caring heart (and a witty sense of humour). Rightfully so, he was seen as a true people manager and friend by his colleagues across the Nike organization. I highly recommend him and will be happy to share additional context upon request.
— Hans van Willige
I had the fortune to work with Witold in the same senior management group over a 7 year period. I found him to be an extremely mature and knowledgable colleague who was always willing to use his wealth of business experience in offering advice to his array of colleagues.

An inspirational leader to his team and a business leader who consistently delivered against his commitments I always regarded Wiltold as a true asset to the Nike team.
— David Thomson
I worked with Witek as we established our first Nike owned office in Warsaw. Witek was hired as the General Manager of Nike Poland. He did an outstanding job of building a team and a strategy, quickly developing an understanding of the Nike Brand as well as the culture. He understood the balance between the global nature of the Brand, and applying local relevance without compromising the Brand. He was also a strong team builder and able to attract top talent into the Nike organization.

I would highly recommend Witek as someone who can mentor leaders both within and outside of the fashion/sports sector. He understands both the wholesale and retail aspects of this business thoroughly. Witek also understands what it takes to build a profitable business model, and the key levers to use in order to create the biggest impact. He will have a positive impact on building your team, and enabling you to grow your business in a profitable and sustainable manner.
— Jim Savino
Witek is one of those few managers you meet who have a unique ability to command respect from everyone. The respect came from the way he was able to lead the Nike Poland team to to constantly push the bar one level higher. They were often the benchmark and the innovators in our region constantly coming up with better ways of driving and managing the business. It is Witek’s thought leadership and consistent, confident management style that was the driving force of change and improvement within that team.
— Michael Levi

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