At the initial stage of a project, I focus on getting to understand the client's business model, especially how it is applied in practice.

One of the conclusions from my long-term business experience is that profitability increase can be reached through both strategic and tactical approaches. It can take minutes or requires deep analysis and long-term actions. I talk and work with the client’s employees at all levels, analyse data, processes, procedures, organisational structures and financial results, and at the end, I come to the core of existing problems and open new opportunities before my client.

My goal is to increase clients' profitability rather than delivering a report. In practice, my work with clients is a combination of business consulting, mentoring and training.

Examples of situations I can help with

  • Too low profitability in comparison to the company's efforts
  • Demotivated team
  • Directive (micro) management
  • Lack of or insufficient planning
  • Lack of budgeting and controlling
  • Agreed plans are not being implemented
  • Company's growth is faster than its organisational development
  • Poor internal communication
  • Top line growth does not result in bottom line growth

If you want to contact me regarding business consulting or arrange a free one-hour introductory consultation, drop me a message.