Core aims

Retail Academy is my original program based on my experience of analysing almost a thousand of stores in many countries, which helps the participants become real retail store managers, as if they ran their own micro-business. It is a managerial programme covering customer service procedures, consumer experience, maximisation of sales and margins through KPIs (conversion, AB and UPT), the usage of specialised knowledge, employee motivation, the usage of store system, understanding of store's economics (including P&L), budgeting, collaboration with the management overseeing the stores, HR politics on the store level, setting priorities and delegating tasks, managing a personnel, and so on.

Problems that the Academy can solve for you

  • Retail stores underperform in comparison to overall market results (growth rate and retail KPIs)
  • Performance of stores within the same chain varies significantly
  • Customer experience is below target consumer expectations and varies within the same retail chain
  • SMART sales goals are usually not met
  • Personnel rotation is high
  • Store staff motivation level is low

The scope 

The topics that are discussed during the Academy are tailored to the specific needs of the client. Trainings are conducted in a form of workshops with group of up to 20 people. The scope of problems is additionally checked after my visit to the client's stores.

Who is Retail Academy for?


  • Store managers
  • Retail area managers
  • Store supervisors
  • Retail network managers


  • Sports and fashion (footwear, equipment, apparel and accessories)


So far, I have trained over 500 managers and store managers. I received very positive feedback from the participants of the Academy and business sponsors after trainings. One of my clients won Swedish Daymaker customer service, mystery shopper competition in Poland's sport sector and ranked number 4 among all retail sectors in Poland.

If you want to contact me regarding Retail Academy or arrange a free one-hour introductory consultation, drop me a message.