Hello, my name is Witold Kowalski


I am a business consultant with over twenty years of experience and a mentor in many projects of the European Commission. My specialties include managing distribution networks and consumer experience, training leaders and mentoring managers. In my opinion, these are the areas that are key to change management in organisations.

In 1991, before I started consulting, I introduced a Spanish pizza delivery firm called Telepizza to the Polish market and managed it over 7 years. Afterwards, I set up Nike in Poland and led the company for 13 years as a General Manager. Thanks to the experience as a CEO, I learned how to build profitable businesses that achieve leader positions from scratch. Many employees that I have overseen became respectable managers in their industries, who now lead large companies or their departments. My strategic and operational skills have been proven by my firms' results and led me and my companies to win 20 awards.

Witold Kowalski, właściciel WK Profit Consulting

Over the last 6 years, I have helped over 40 global and local firms increase their profitability through my services. My clients come from such industries as sport, fashion, consulting, finance, tourism, advertising, e-commerce, ecological technologies, waste management and consumer electronics. I am an effective consultant because I believe that people are the foundation of any business and that "soft" skills, motivation through delegation of responsibilities and cooperation between organisation's teams are the keys to success.

  • Do you want to improve your financial results and the market position of your company?
  • Do you want to introduce changes to your career?
  • As a manager, do you have a problem that you cannot solve?

If at least one of your answers to the above questions is "yes", contact me to arrange a free one-hour consultation to find out how you can find a solution to your problems with my help.




Every company and manager requires an individual approach. Regardless of which of my services interests you, I will adjust them to your specified needs.


Business Consulting

I help clients get out of crises, but also accelerate growth. Working with the top management of a client, I propose practical solutions which directly increase the profits of the firm.



Management teams are often the key to the success of firms. I support managers in becoming true leaders who can face ambitious business demands.


Leadership Academy

I lead individual and group courses for companies, in which I help managers become leaders of their organisations. I help "freshly-appointed" managers enter the world of management effectively, but also support experienced managers of different seniority levels overcome their challenges.


Retail Academy

I lead comprehensive trainings for retail store management teams which result in better results of the stores, improved quality of customer service and creation of system solutions that make the retail stores' operations more effective.



My experience, both as a General Manager and as a consultant, allows me to use my knowledge in almost any industry. The variety of industries of my clients is a testament to the fact that my services can surely help you and your company as well. Here are some of my previous clients:


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